“Laura Cathcart Robbins is such an inspiring, insightful, and powerful speaker. She speaks from the heart and navigates tough and sensitive topics with grace, transparency, and humor. You will walk away from listening to Laura speak with her words echoing in your ears, making you think, feel and smile.”
Kira Dunlop
Founder & Club President, Boring Little Girls Club

“Laura has an unbelievable way of commanding and connecting in a room to ensure the right messages are heard and delivered. Laura is visceral with her content, which makes for a more authentic and vulnerable experience. She inspires any room that she stands in to expand its mindset and reach for unfulfilled potential. Laura is dynamic and truly one of a kind!”
Professor Rochelle Webb, Loyola Marymount University

“Laura Cathcart Robbins speaks from her heart with authenticity, grace, humor, and skill.  Laura is an authentic being who seeks to shine a light on the dark spots in her life and share openly with others.  When spending time with Laura you will laugh, cry, learn, grow and feel warmly embraced.”

Erin Long, Founder WeIgnite Women’s Empowerment Conference

“Laura never fails.  Her messages are prolific and profound – always leaving her audience deeply touched.  Through her extremely poignant personal stories and thoughtful truth-telling, she is able to transform hearts and minds in a matter of minutes.  Her words leave everyone wanting to be a little bit better in the way they show up in the world.”
Sara Dean, Founder, and President, The Shameless Mom Academy