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Marriage Made an Actor Out of Me

I deserved an Oscar for my performances as best supporting wife and mother. After my divorce, I could no longer pretend to be someone I’m not.

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How My Own Wedding Vows Showed Me My Marriage Was Crumbling

Laura Cathcart Robbins, author of Stash, is forced to confront her past and the facade she created in order to succeed in her career and relationships.


Mom’s glamorous life rocked by Ambien addiction: ‘I was absolutely miserable’

One in 10 women take medication to fall or stay asleep, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Laura Cathcart Robbins, 58, was one of them when she became addicted to Ambien, the prescription sleep aid.

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For Many People of Color in a Post-George Floyd World, Many ‘Safe Spaces’ No Longer Were

Audibly, the sober space for alcoholics and addicts is rich with affinity. But visually, the sober space is alarmingly white.


Three Debut Memoirists Chart Paths of Chaos and Survival

Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton’s “Black Chameleon,” Laura Cathcart Robbins’s “Stash” and Christine Barker’s “Third Girl From the Left” offer stories of perseverance and ultimate triumph.

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The Best Memoirs of 2023 (So Far)

You guessed it…STASH…My Life in Hiding made the cut!  The most touching, gripping, moving, and funny personal stories you need to read. With vacation season looming, here are a few ideas for your summer reading list. This year has been full of funny, fascinating, and evocative memoirs written by both household names and people just introducing themselves to the world.


I Turned To ‘Quit Lit’ For Help, And It Made Me Wonder: Is Sobriety Only For White Women?

“What about women like me whose lives looked fine, even enviable from the outside, but they were dying on the inside?”

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I Was A Mom Of 2 And PTA President. Nobody Knew I Was Also Popping 10 Ambien A Day

“I know I can’t keep this cycle up much longer, but today is very important. I have to convince Dr. Linbaum to approve my second refill.“


How to Create a Recovery Routine for People Who Struggle with Consistency

How I created a recovery maintenance routine I can live with.